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Suffering Unleashes Love

The Question. Often while sitting in the psychological counselor’s chair a very common question emerges:
“Why does God allow these bad things to happen?" 
There are many similar takes on this question such as:
 “Why does this happen to such an innocent child?”
“If we have such a good God, then why is there so much suffering in this world?”
“If God was on the Cross for so manyhours,then why has my relative been afflicted with this or that ailment for so many

Five Things We All Should Know

A thankful heart is a healing heart.
Recently I ran across a news network that gave us five important things that we need to know, listing the top five news stories for the day. This gave me the idea to contemplate and ponder what are the five most important things to know that would be helpful for us in our daily lives. Here is what I came up with:
1. Things and people are not always what they appear.
In the psychological realm.We all have encountered the situation where someone appears on the surface to be quite happy when in reality they are actually quite sad, miserable, and even depressed.